Dentistry has come on leaps and bounds in recent times, and the standard of treatment available at your dentist is consequently of a standard that was once unimaginable. At dental-Spa we are always looking for the next innovative technology or treatment to further improve the standard of treatment you are able to receive, which thus takes us on to the subject of Cerec technology.

Cerec is a revolutionary system which enables dentists to design, manufacture and fit new restorations on the same day, include veneers and crowns. At most dentists, when creating a restoration, a mould of the patient's teeth would need to be made and then sent away to the laboratory. From the mould the new tooth would be manufactured and sent back to the dentist to be fitted, a process that can last around two weeks and requires the patient to make multiple visits to their dentist.

Dental Cerec Technology

Cerec technology does away with the hassle of having to attend multiple appointments, allowing for everything to be done in a single visit. This reduces treatment time considerably, lessens the number of visits to the dentist and decreases the amount of anaesthetic required.

When using Cerec technology, we make sure you are involved in every step of the design process to ensure the new restoration is manufactured to perfection.

To find out more about Cerec at dental-Spa in London please give us a call or email info@dental-spa.co.uk.

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