Teeth Whitening London

We offer two teeth whitening treatments from our clinic in Fitzrovia London: Zoom! Laser Teeth Whitening London and Enlighten Deep Bleaching Protocol. We will be on hand to explain the different treatments and which one would suit you the best at your complimentary Teeth Whitening Consultation with a Dentist, in order to make sure your decision is an informed one. Zoom! and Enlighten teeth whitening treatments have enjoyed great success in recent years and the incredible results can often be seen on television makeover and lifestyle shows. Both these system has also received excellent reviews in the press. Here at dental-Spa we are fully compliant with the European Union directive on the safe limits of tooth whitening (2013) and so you can rest assured that you will have totally safe teeth whitening treatments with us. Dental-Spa has the best teeth whitening London has to offer with the latest technological advances being used alongside the best cosmetic dentists in London.

Zoom! Laser Teeth Whitening London

The Zoom! Laser Teeth Whitening system is a state of the art, photo cosmetic treatment, which is both effective and painless. You can relax with your favourite film while we carry out treatment, and in just 60 minutes your smile will be considerably brighter and whiter. We will also provide you with an aftercare kit. This provides an instant result by whitening the superficial part of the tooth enamel.

We also provide a Zoom! take home teeth whitening kit comprising a set of disposable custom made trays and whitening gel that should be used for 5 days following the Zoom! Laser Teeth Whitening treatment at dental-Spa to lock in the colour of your dazzling white smile.

The Zoom! Laser Teeth Whitening package:

One Appointment in our teeth whitening centre  in Central London (2 hours)

    • Zoom! Laser Tooth Whitening
    • Disposable Custom-made trays
    • Zoom DayWhite at home whitening kit (use for 2 hours for 5 days following treatment)

Enlighten Deep Bleaching Protocol

The Enlighten Deep Bleaching Protocol system is ideal for patients who want to achieve the popular Hollywood-style smile. This treatment is used for heavier staining and discolouration, when traditional laser treatment is not enough to produce an intense white smile. The protocol system has come over from America and perfected by British Enlighten Research Laboratories.

It involves an intensive course of overnight teeth whitening (wearing the whitening trays with the gel in them while you sleep) finished off with a laser whitening session in our London dental surgery. Home treatment takes just 14 days and the results are incredible, guaranteed to reach the coveted B1 shade.

“The best teeth whitening London has to offer, right Fitzrovia in the heart of London”

This is achieved by whitening the deeper part of the enamel (hence deep bleaching protocol) done with the overnight whitening and then combining this with the superficial whitening of the Enlighten in-office Laser Whitening.

Dr Cohan regards the Enlighten system as the Gold Standard in whitening because of several factors:

1 Enlighten Evo Whitening Trays

These custom made trays are of very high quality and so fit your mouth comfortably while giving an excellent seal onto your teeth to provide fantastic effect when the trays are used at home and during the laser teeth whitening done in the office

2 The Enlighten Evolution 3 advantage

The Enlighten take-home whitening gels are stabilized with temperature control. We take great care to ensure that the gel you receive is always kept cool and therefore fresh and at it’s whitening peak performance. Other teeth whitening gels are chemically stabilised which means that the whitening action is compromised in comparison.

3 Enlighten in-office Laser Whitening

This is done with the whitening gel in the custom-made trays. This means that the whitening results seen are completely from the super active whitening gel and also means it is totally free from sensitivity.

The Enlighten Deep Bleaching protocol package:

Appointment 1

    • Air-abrasion Teeth Polishing treatment
    • Enlighten Tooth Serum (A speciality toothpaste to reduce any chance of sensitivity)

Appointment 2

    • Enlighten Evo Custom-made trays
    • Enlighten Evolution 3 Take home whitening kit including desensitiser swabs

Appointment 3

    • Enlighten in-office Laser Whitening (1 hour)

If you are interested in teeth whitening in London at our dental-Spa, please give us a call or email info@dental-spa.co.uk.