Teeth whitening

The Teeth whitening cosmetic dentistry treatment has continued to grow in popularity over recent years. Whitening treatments can give you an almost instantaneous boost and will make your teeth look younger, healthier and more radiant in a very short space of time.

We offer two whitening treatments: Enlighten Laser Tooth Whitening and Enlighten Deep Bleaching Protocol. We will be on hand to explain the different treatments and which one would offer you the best, in order to make sure your decision is an informed one. Enlighten whitening treatments have enjoyed great success in recent years and the incredible results can often be seen on television makeover and lifestyle shows. This system has also received excellent reviews in the press.

Enlighten Laser Tooth Whitening

The Laser Tooth Whitening system is a state of the art, photo cosmetic treatment, which is both quick and painless. You can relax with your favourite film while we carry out treatment, and in just 40 minutes your smile will be considerably brighter and whiter. We will also provide you with an aftercare kit.

Enlighten Deep Bleaching Protocol

The Enlighten Deep Bleaching Protocol system is ideal for patients who want to achieve the popular Hollywood-style smile. This treatment is used for heavier staining and discolouration, when traditional laser treatment is not enough to produce an intense white smile. The protocol system has come over from America and involves a combination of home whitening and a laser whitening session. Home treatment takes just 14 days and the results are incredible.

If you are interested in teeth whitening in London at our dental-Spa, please give us a call or email info@dental-spa.co.uk.

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