Sameday Smile Makeover with CEREC and EMax

This case was for a patient who had suffered from diet related acid erosion leaving his front teeth damaged, discoloured and sensitive. We decided to protect the  remaining tooth tissue with some additive veneers. These veneers mean that we are adding to the length and size of the veneers to give an ideal aesthetic appearance without damaging the teeth under. We also took to opportunity to enhance the appearance of the smile with strong, durable E-Max ceramic veneers.

As you can see the transformation is instant and the smile is kept natural throughout. See the images below for more information.

Same Day CEREC smile makeover Dental Spa

Dental-Spa CEREC dentists Central London

Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Amethyst Edition Now In Stock

Wow – this is taking teeth whitening to a whole new level. We have been checking out the new Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Amethyst Edition in the spa and it absolutely rocks! When it comes to whitening your teeth there are many things you have to take in to consideration. Thing such as your diet, smoking, alcohol especially red wine, coffee and then sugars. All these things can stain your teeth and if you have your teeth whitened by a professional you still need to maintain the whiteness on a daily basis when you are at home.

Here at Dental Spa we have been trialling out the new Sonicare Amethyst and we believe this up there with the best of the electric toothbrush ranges making sure your gums are super healthy and whitens your teeth up two times more than the other ranges previous to this. These are the benefits of the Colgate Diamond Amethyst.

  • Clean: Standard mode for a whole mouth clean
  • White: Removes surface stains to whiten teeth
  • Polish: Brightens and polishes teeth to bring out natural brilliance
  • Gum Care: Gently stimulates and massages gums
  • Sensitive: Extra-gentle for sensitive teeth

When it comes to the best teeth whitening London has to offer Dental Spa Fitzrovia offer the latest in technical advances for Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening. Dr Cohan Rajan is a well known figure in the Harley Street district of dentists and is very knowledgeable on orthodontics, whitening and other dental issues. If you live in the Central London area, why not get in touch for a free consultation.

Zoom Teeth Whitening in London


Cosmetic Dentists London

We all want whiter and brighter teeth and that is why here at the Dental-Spa London we have the latest and the best teeth whitening London has to offer.

Why not visit our teeth whitening page where you can read about the latest zoom laser techniques to bring the best and whitest smiles available anywhere in London.

As a high class dentists operating in Fitzrovia London you will be guaranteed the best techniques by a certified Dental Phobia dental practice in the best surroundings. If you are looking to have your teeth whitening in London, then make sure you get in touch with us today and let us explain to your options.

Merry Christmas from Dental Spa

We hope you are very well!

This has been a very busy year with change of team members and addition of great new technology and treatments.

This year, we say hello to two new dentists joining our team! Dr Jose will be offering endodontic treatment here while Dr Nori will be helping out Dr Cohan with the routine dental treatment for our members on Thursdays and also be offering hygiene therapy. Both very personable and, of course, highly professional, we are sure you will have great treatments with them.

Since the birth of her second son, our hygienist Stephanie has been back to work for us until the end of this year after which she is planning to move her family to Bristol- we have loved having Stephanie as part of our team and wish her all the best in the future. Andrea who was doing maternity cover will be moving to Fridays to offer her hygiene therapy services for you. Andrea’s serious professional work has won her many fans in the last few months!

We are very excited to announce that we will be a fully equipped for with dental microscopes on order for both surgeries! This means that we will be able to provide even more attention to detail when carrying out procedures (and it’s going to help Dr Cohan’s back no end!). Both surgeries will have microscopes in place soon and we are very glad to continue to invest for the benefit of all!

Dr Cohan is going to do his fellowship exams for Laser Dentistry in Cape Town this coming January so wish him luck! He also got made a Platinum Invisalign doctor this year recognising his contribution to the field of orthodontics and the number of cases he has successfully treated

We will be closed for the Christmas Break from 19/12/2014 until 5/1/2015. During this time our Members should call 08007832337 to get information regarding emergency dental treatment if necessary

In our 11th year of being open, instead of sending out Christmas Cards, this year, we will continue to use that money and more to support of Centerpoint, the young person homeless charity who do amazing work and really make a difference to vulnerable young people.

Sincere thanks for your support this year and for believing in better dentistry through better technology. Please like our page on Facebook to help us spread the word ( ), we would be very grateful!

All the very best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and for the coming year.

all the team @dentalSpa

Farewell Dr Julia – Hello Summer!


Well we have had an extremely busy summer so far! Very glad for our lovely air-con in the recent heat wave helping us keep cool and collected.

After the departure of Dr Julia, who is settling well back in Germany, we are delighted to welcome to the team Dr Jose as our in-house Endodontist. Those of you who have met him know that he is a serious clinician with great attention to detail combined with communication skills that put patients at ease- just what you want if you ever need Root Canal Therapy!

Dr Cohan is very pleased that recently, an article recognizing his work as a pioneer of Laser Dentistry in the UK was published. This kind of peer recognition really rewards Dr Cohan’s commitment to better treatments through the use of the latest technology, something all of you enjoy here at dental-Spa.

We have a a snazzy new website, where you can see the article mentioned above. Please do have a look here. We hope you are very happy with our practice and are always extremely grateful to those of you who send friends and family- it is the ultimate compliment! To thank you for this, we are bringing back the £50.00 credit to your account if you refer someone to us.

We will be taking a well earned break from this Friday 1st August and will be back on Monday 18th August. During this time, our members should call 0800 783 2337 (from the UK) or +44 1691 677 967 to obtain emergency care.

We are always looking to provide better value and will be transferring the administration of our membership scheme to another provider. Whilst this will mean that our members will need to fill in (online) another DirectDebit, it will mean that our prices will not be increased for another year and will bring the benefit of insurance with Hiscocks. More news on this will follow.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely Summer!

All the team,



Dental Phobia

Dental-Spa are proudly Dental Phobia certified, this means we take the correct techniques and steps to make sure that your experience with us is as smooth as possible. We understand that visiting the dentist can be a very anxious time for many people and our aim is to make your stay with us that all the more pleasurable.

Dental Phobia Certified

We also introduced spa elements to help you unwind and relax such as Sleep therapy, Acupuncture and other spa related services to help you unwind and destress.

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Dr Cohan Rajan is a well respected Dentist / Cosmetic Dentist providing high class dental services for discerning clientele in the heart of Fitzrovia and Mayfair London. Please feel free to check out our new website and see what services we provide, if there is something you are unclear of, please do contact us today.