Dental-Spa & Coronavirus

We have invested heavily in anti-viral fogging systems in our clinic, this will be an ongoing positive going forward long after this pandemic is over as we believe keeping a healthy clean environment for our clients and staff bears even more importance today.

When you visit us, you can book an online consultation where we can save time and money in diagnosis and we can arrange for you to come in to the clinic at a time that suits you and we have strict procedures in place to ensure your safety and watch our video below.

Chloe’s Teeth Are Simply Beautiful Thanks to Invisalign

Watch Chloe’s video testimonial on how invisible braces from Invisalign have transformed her confidence and get an idea of the simple process involved in creating that perfect smile.

If you are thinking of straightening your teeth and want to speak to an expert in the field of Invisalign, Dr Cohan Rajan can advise you on the best processes to make that happen for you. The process is pain free and easily manageable for anyone. Speak to the the team here at Dental-Spa for more information on our Invisalign services.

5 Years Dental Phobia

We understand all about dental phobia and the anxieties surrounding visiting a dentist which is why we have been proud members of the dental phobia association and this year we have reached the 5 year mark of continually providing the best support regarding patients with dental phobia.

There are many different levels of phobia and anxiety surrounding dentistry and here at Dental-Spa we are empathetic to our patients needs and will continue to do so into the future.

Dr Rajan 5 years certified dental phobia

If you struggle with dental anxiety and want to talk to us please feel free to call our team who are all well trained and here to help you get the treatment you need.

The Tell Tale Signs You Have Gum Disease

Here is a quick blog on looking out for signs of gum disease. Gum disease can be something which can affect people at any age and can be the result of any number of causes. However, it isn’t always easy to identify if you do have gum disease, as the condition can be painless and invisible in the early stages. To try and help you spot it early, we’ve put together the top 5 signs you may have gum disease. 

Bad breath that will not go away

This is a sign of gum disease that is perhaps easier to spot than others. If you have bad breath, and it is a constant thing, then it is possible you have gum disease, as there’s a chance there are bacteria building up under the gum line which is causing the unpleasant odour.  

Sore teeth

This is another sign of gum disease which is something you might notice. If you have sore teeth on a constant basis, and they hurt when you’re not eating, and they hurt when you do, then it could be an indicator that you have problems within the gums themselves that you can see, which might suggest gum disease.

Receding Gums

If the pink parts of the gums begin to shrink or disappear, it could be a problem which has been brought about as a result of gum disease. The more of the tooth that is exposed, the more of the gum you’ve lost. If the tooth looks longer than usual, then it could be an indicator of gum disease.

Swollen or tender gums

Brushing your teeth can cause pain to the gums, especially if you’re quite rough with the toothbrush. However, if you’re always suffering from sore gums, and they seem either swollen to the touch or painful, you could be suffering from gum disease.

Bleeding when you brush

While this can arise from not brushing for extended periods of time and then taking a toothbrush to your mouth, bleeding gums can also be down to gum disease which has been building up over time. If you do bleed from the gums when you brush them, then it is entirely possible that you have gum disease and you simply were not aware of it.

Overall, these are just a few of the signs that you have gum disease, but it hasn’t yet become apparent that you do. While there are other signs that the disease is beginning to form, these are some of the most evident and easy to spot signs that something is wrong. A visit to your local dentist is usually a good idea, as they will be able to correctly identify if you do have gum disease, and then suggest ways to combat it or provide you with something to help you. Gum disease can potentially be a big problem if left unchecked, resulting in damage to the gums and the possible loss of teeth, so making sure that you properly check for gum disease and then take the correct steps to combat it or prevent it is vital to keep your teeth in good condition.

Watch this informative video on gum disease signs

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms then why not speak to Dr Rajan today and we can begin to help you, we use the latest in Waterlase dentistry and are dental phobia accredited so you can rest assured you are in great hands. We serve the whole of Central London from our Fitzrovia dental clinic that is designed to make you relax from the second you walk in the door. Book your free consultation today.

A Younger Smile For An Older Lady

Here at Dental-Spa London we love bringing people their confidence back, watch our short video on how we brought a younger smile on an older lady in just 3 hours using non invasive techniques.

If you want to bring you confidence back, why not speak to a member of our dental team today

Teeth Whitening: Why it should only be done by a dentist.


There a whole range of teeth whitening products available in stores and online. The prices range from £5 to a few hundred pounds. These over the counter teeth whitening products promise you that your teeth will be several shades whiter within a few applications but this has not been proven and the products may put your oral health at risk. Some beauty salons offer a teeth whitening service but this is illegal, teeth whitening should only be done by a registered dentist or a by a regulated dental professional such as: a dental hygienist, a dental therapist or on a prescription which has been prescribed by a registered dentist.

The effects of DIY whitening kits can range from mild to severe damage to your teeth. Here are some of the side effects that over the counter whitening products can produce.

Nerve Damage

Teeth whitening products can cause damage to the nerves in your teeth. With the harsh chemicals, bleach and poorly fitted mouth guard nerves are susceptible to getting damaged or infected. For someone who has deep cavities, whether they’re aware about it or not, the bleach can have a direct route into the blood vessels, bone and root of the tooth. The bleach can cause irreversible nerve damage which will cause a very bad toothache and may require antibiotics and/or extraction of the tooth.

Upset Stomach

Many DIY bleaching kits have very high acidity. As well as damaging your teeth, the bleach can give you an upset stomach when swallowed. Many over the counter kits come with a standard sized mouth guard. The mouth guard is poorly fitted, therefore it is very easy for the bleach to be swallowed. This causes burning, discomfort and nausea, continual swallowing of the bleach if agents can irreversibly damage the lining of your stomach.

Tooth Erosion and Sensitivity

The chemicals in tooth whitening kits can be harsh on your teeth. The main ingredients are Hydrogen Peroxide and Bicarbonate, these are very abrasive. These chemicals will start to erode the enamel on your teeth The enamel is the shiny coating which covers your teeth but it is not just for cosmetic purposes. Enamel is there to protect your teeth from decay, if the enamel becomes eroded, it is more likely that tooth decay and discolouration will happen. This means tooth whitening can become harder to fix  in the long run. This can happen more quickly in some people than others. The tooth erosion can also lead to sensitive teeth which will cause you discomfort when brushing, eating and drinking certain things.

Gum Disease

Continued use of over the counter teeth whitening kits can cause extensive damage to your gums. High concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide can make your gums become infected which can have severe consequences on your

Take Advantage Of Our Fantastic Invisalign Offer This Summer!


At The Dental Spa – London’s Favourite Cosmetic Dentists

Invisalign March Offer 2016 LondonInvisalign Invisible braces are the most popular and effective alternative to traditional metal braces (especially in London), they provide an ideal solution for those who want to improve their smile without having to wear unflattering bulky braces that leave you self conscious and wanting to cover your mouth whenever you smile or laugh.

How do they work?

The Invisalign invisible braces system involves a series of clear aligners, rather than traditional fixed braces, each of which is custom-made for your specification and must be worn for a period of two weeks before being replaced with the next aligner in the series. This will then gradually move teeth into the desired location.

The clear braces and aligners are made of a material that is translucent to the naked eye, meaning that you can get the smile you want without anybody else even knowing that you are wearing braces.

Invisalign braces are very popular amongst adult patients who want to straighten their teeth without worrying about the appearance of wearing braces. They are discreet and effective, and for this summer the full package with £697 off our normal price at The Dental Spa, the number one cosmetic dentists for London.

If you’d Like to learn more about Invisalign you can read more in our services

If you’d like to take advantage of this offer get in touch today

Dr Cohan is now a full member of British Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr Cohan is constantly striving to improve his treatments and is now a Full Member of the British od Cosmetic Dentistry meaning that he is up to date with all current trends in the world of Cosmetic Dentistry and in some parts of the field, leading the way. Other team members are also striving to learn more skills with Premek now nearing the end of his Dental Nursing course.

Latest Equipment

It has been a busy few months with many new beautiful smiles created! Dr Cohan is really enjoying using his Leica surgical microscope which really helps achieve even better standards, especially when used for intricate work with his Walerlase laser and CEREC 4 which means a quicker, more precise and more convenient service for our patients having crowns and veneers. Using the latest equipment, techniques and materials he can now turn around and crown from start to finish in under 90 minutes! 

Invisalign Open Season

Many of our lovely patients have benefitted from Invisalign and we are having our annual Invisalign Open Season from 4th April. If you know of any of your friends or family that would benefit from this comfortable teeth straightening treatment, please do let them know about our Open Season when we will have special deals available.

Easter Closure and Makeover!

We will be closed from Good Friday and will return to work on Monday 4th April. If you are a member with us and require emergency dental care during this time, please call 0800 783 2337 from the UK or if you are overseas, go to a local dentist and retain your receipts as your membership insurance will cover the cost of emergency treatment abroad.

During this time, our practice will be getting a makeover to make a visit to us even better!


We continue to offer the excellent Enlighten deep bleaching protocol teeth whitening package at a great 30% discount, and, for the Summer Months, there is an additional 10% of Facial Rejuvenation treatments for our Members.

Thank you for reading and for your continued support!

all the Team at dental-Spa

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