Tooth Crowns or Dental Crowns are used to restore decayed or damaged teeth, and are often known as caps because they sit over the top of the existing tooth. This is done to add strength to your existing tooth and to prevent any further damage from occurring. You may need a crown if your tooth is damaged or fractured, you have decay or a large cavity or if you have a missing tooth and have had a dental implant fitted.

Through thorough examination our team at dental-Spa will be able to determine whether a crown would be able to improve the aesthetic and function of your smile. We use innovative CAD/CAM technology to manufacture and fit new crowns on the same day. The crowns are precision-fitted to ensure that they fit comfortably, blend in with the existing teeth and create a natural looking smile.

Benefits of Dental Crowns for Teeth

This means that you can have any unsightly tooth gaps fixed in a single day, when you come to dental-Spa and take advantage of this modern piece of equipment.

We aim to give you a healthy and attractive smile and for this reason we use only the best quality restorations. Your dental crowns will be designed and manufactured to optimum standards and when fitted will blend in with the natural tooth.

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