Dental implants London – the revolutionary treatment and one that is increasingly becoming the treatment of choice for patients who want to replace missing teeth due to its long-lasting effects. People can lose their teeth for many different reasons, from accidents and sports injuries to extensive decay, and it is important to fill gaps left in the teeth. To do so is not only beneficial in terms of aesthetics, but also in relation to functions like eating and speaking properly. From our Central London dental surgery we can fit dental implants to bring back your confidence again.

Benefits of Dental Implants or Tooth Implants

In the past, gaps were filled with dental bridges or dentures, but newcosmetic dentistry means dental implants are the most aesthetically pleasing and effective means of replacing lost or damaged teeth. A dental implant is a fine titanium rod, which is used to replace the root of the missing tooth. When the implant is attached to a new dental crown, the tooth looks the same as a natural tooth and you will be able to eat, chew and speak exactly as you would with natural teeth.

The Ankylos system is the chosen form of dental implant at dental-Spa, a system that is able to create beautiful, healthy looking natural smiles and that is highly functional and durable. The unique TissueCare connection will also work to prevent bone loss and promote optimum comfort.

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