Asepsis Dental Implant Central London

Gold Standard Asepsis Dental Implant

‘Gold standard asepsis implant placement this morning! This first time our new senior nurse Saziye and Dr Cohan did this together (although both are very experienced) and it went smooth as silk!’

Here at Dental Spa we perform many dental implants and asepsis means they are done in a clean environment. The environment is critical when performing dental implants and other dental surgeries so here at Dental Spa we take this very seriously so as to deter any repercussions such as osteomyelitis (a very rare but seen issue with non asepsis environments) and also implant failure.

Aseptic technique is used in medical procedures and microbiology to keep processes and procedures free of cross-contamination.

Asepsis Dental Implant Central London

Asepsis Dental Implant conducted by Dr Rajan