Colgate Amethyst Electric Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Amethyst Edition Now In Stock

Wow – this is taking teeth whitening to a whole new level. We have been checking out the new Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Amethyst Edition in the spa and it absolutely rocks! When it comes to whitening your teeth there are many things you have to take in to consideration. Thing such as your diet, smoking, alcohol especially red wine, coffee and then sugars. All these things can stain your teeth and if you have your teeth whitened by a professional you still need to maintain the whiteness on a daily basis when you are at home.

Here at Dental Spa we have been trialling out the new Sonicare Amethyst and we believe this up there with the best of the electric toothbrush ranges making sure your gums are super healthy and whitens your teeth up two times more than the other ranges previous to this. These are the benefits of the Colgate Diamond Amethyst.

  • Clean: Standard mode for a whole mouth clean
  • White: Removes surface stains to whiten teeth
  • Polish: Brightens and polishes teeth to bring out natural brilliance
  • Gum Care: Gently stimulates and massages gums
  • Sensitive: Extra-gentle for sensitive teeth

When it comes to the best teeth whitening London has to offer Dental Spa Fitzrovia offer the latest in technical advances for Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening. Dr Cohan Rajan is a well known figure in the Harley Street district of dentists and is very knowledgeable on orthodontics, whitening and other dental issues. If you live in the Central London area, why not get in touch for a free consultation.