Same Day CEREC E-Max Veneers & Invisalign

Here at Dental-Spa we work hard to keep our patients anxieties at bay and working with same day treatments means less trips to and from our surgery. We provided a free consultation for the customer that was suffering from discolouration from trauma to her front tooth and also wanted to broaden her smile outwards.
We decided the best step forward was to use CEREC E-Max Veneers to replace the tooth and bring this tooth up to a bright standard then colour matched through deep bleaching the other teeth.
A process of invisalign also brought her smile from narrow to broad and overall we have a very happy customer!
before invisalign and dental treatment

Zoom Teeth Whitening in London


Cosmetic Dentists London

We all want whiter and brighter teeth and that is why here at the Dental-Spa London we have the latest and the best teeth whitening London has to offer.

Why not visit our teeth whitening page where you can read about the latest zoom laser techniques to bring the best and whitest smiles available anywhere in London.

As a high class dentists operating in Fitzrovia London you will be guaranteed the best techniques by a certified Dental Phobia dental practice in the best surroundings. If you are looking to have your teeth whitening in London, then make sure you get in touch with us today and let us explain to your options.