General Dentistry maintains your teeth and smile, your smile is the most important and for the most part, the primary form of communication with other people. A healthy, glowing smile will create a positive first impression, as well as making you feel great about the way you look. At dental-Spa our primary focus is to promote good dental hygeine and involve patients in the maintenance of a healthy, beautiful smile. We advise all our clients to attend regular dental check-ups and are committed to providing optimum standards of patient care and customer service. Your health is our top priority and we aim to involve you in every stage of your treatment. This is done in the following ways:

Complete Oral Health Assessment

We use the latest diagnostic tools to conduct a thorough oral health assessment. We treat every client as an individual and will invest time and effort in to ensuring that you have a clear understanding of your current oral health status.

Explanation of Results of the Clinical Examination

We will spend time discussing the results of the examination with each client, and we will highlight any cause for concern and discuss possible treatments. We use the latest imaging technology to make the findings clear and avoid the use of jargon, which can be confusing and sometimes daunting.

Professional Advice and Treatment Planning

If you need any general dentistry treatment, we will explain your options and help you to decide which treatment will best suit your individual needs. We will also offer advice related to the findings of the examination. For example, we may discuss lifestyle factors, cosmetic dentistry treatments and oral health objectives to ensure you have all the necessary information to maintain an attractive, healthy smile. At dental-Spa we will discuss your treatment plan with you to ensure that you have a clear understanding of your current oral health status and the treatment you require.

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