Pigment Removal From Tongue

Here at Dental-Spa we are not just the premier cosmetic dentists in London, but we also provide a whole host of other services that you may or may not know even existed. In this case, our lovely customer came to us requesting the removal of pigment from his tongue. Pigment on the tongue is also known as hyper pigmentation and is perfectly harmless, but to the person suffering it can make people self conscious and this is where we step in.

There are other causes of black spots on the tongue such as smoking, alcohol and other illnesses, but we don’t want to scare you, most of the time it’s completely treatable using our waterlase technique and you won’t feel a thing. Basically it’s usually a build up of bacteria on the tongue that causes this so a good dental hygiene session will also help.

The client below is an example of this, have a look at the before and after and notice the transformation, as all our clients do, he left with a big smile!

Laser Gum Bleaching

Darkened Gums? Gums may be described as the frame to the picture of the teeth to create a beautiful looking smile portrait. It is important to have beautiful healthy-looking gums as well as teeth to get a lovely overall smile. Laser gum bleaching is a new way to brighten your teeth with long term results.

Excess melanin or long-term use of certain medications can cause patches/black spots on the gum. Although not detrimental to health, this may be considered by the patient as not aesthetically pleasing. People who have darker skin are more susceptible to melanin build up on the gums. Therefore, the benefit of gum bleaching is that it can help to keep the teeth healthy and white. Melanocytes (cells in the soft tissues that are responsible for producing melanin) are targeted by the laser. This means that their rate of producing melanin is reduced. The gum bleaching procedure is quick and painless. In most cases, the treatment can be completed in just one visit. This allows the patient the option to leave the surgery with pink, healthy-looking gums on the same day. The procedure removes gum depigmentation and helps the teeth remain healthy in the long term.

Gum discolouration can be caused by amalgam (silver) filling particles that have absorbed into the gum. Certain types of medication or smoking can cause gums to darken over time as well. By using laser gum depigmentation services, you can have a picture-perfect smile. Though this is not a substitute for cleaning your teeth, it can help to remove pigmentation.