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CEREC A 10 Unit Same Day Smile Makeover

Using the latest in CEREC design, which is the ultimate in same day smile makeovers we have threw a video up on our Facebook page for you to look at. When using the latest in CEREC  digital impressions you’ll be amazed to know that you can have that perfect smile within a matter of hours. We have had many customers come to our dental clinic that have been afraid to smile because either they had chipped teeth, teeth that had be ground down or there may other issues such as upper central spacing.

CEREC is revolutionising the way patients build up their smile and their confidence. We simply scan your teeth, take a bite sample and then technology helps us do the rest. We don’t want to go into too much detail about the CEREC veneers work, but you can always contact us or come and say hello in our Central London Dental Studio based in Fitzrovia.

Click the link below to view a real live video of one our patients having her teeth transformed safely and easily using CEREC